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Kinda text heavy cause I like to add the descriptions from the quiz, but hey it's a free list of personality quizzes to take! If you take these quizzes let me know what you got for them if you wanna. Click the v next to the section titles to toggle the content, and click the uquiz boxes to toggle my result!

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My name is
I am
alien, angel, animal lover, asexual, bi-romantic, canine, cat lover, crossdresser, dog lover, fat, fictionkin, fox, furry, gender fluid, glitchy, intelligent, introvert, king, otherkin, queen, shapeshifter, trans, transmasculine, weird, witch, wizard, wolf
Who are you?

I Am A: Chaotic Good Elf Wizard (3rd Level)

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you are medium aquamarine
Your dominant hues are cyan and green. Although you definately strive to be logical you care about people and know there's a time and place for thinking emotionally. Your head rules most things but your heart rules others, and getting them to meet in the middle takes a lot of your energy some days.

Your saturation level is medium - You're not the most decisive go-getter, but you can get a job done when it's required of you. You probably don't think the world can change for you and don't want to spend too much effort trying to force it.

Your outlook on life is brighter than most people's. You like the idea of influencing things for the better and find hope in situations where others might give up. You're not exactly a bouncy sunshine but things in your world generally look up.
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Oaaky's Dewey Decimal Section:
119 Number & quantity
Oaaky's birthday: 11/22/1997 = 1122+1997 = 3119

100 Philosophy & Psychology

Books on metaphysics, logic, ethics and philosophy.

What it says about you:
You're a careful thinker, but your life can be complicated and hard for others to understand at times. You try to explain things and strive to express yourself.
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Isopod Quiz

What Video Game Character Are You? I am a Thrust-ship.I am a Thrust-ship.

I am small and tricky - where you think I am, I probably am not. I can work very fast, but I tend to go about things in a round about way, which often leaves me effectively standing still. I hate rocks. Bloody rocks. What Video Game Character Are You?
What Flavour Are You? Cor blimey, I taste like Tea.Cor blimey, I taste like Tea.

I am a subtle flavour, quiet and polite, gentle, almost ambient. My presence in crowds will often go unnoticed. Best not to spill me on your clothes though, I can leave a nasty stain. What Flavour Are You?
What Homestuck Kid Are You?
What Homestuck Kid Are You?
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What Type Of Dere Are You?
What Type Of Dere Are You?
Hosted By theOtaku.com: Anime
I am a Mew!

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what type of love do you attract? by rikachu
you attract: adventure

breathing against your lover's back as you rest after a long hike up the mountain to watch the sunset; impromptu car rides in the middle of the night that lead you to nowhere and everywhere at once; leaping over fences and gates to hold each other in your arms. you attract adventure. you're the type to say yes before thinking of it. you have a look in your eyes that people find themselves nodding along to, if only to hold onto your attention for a little longer. you hate having to wait, and yearning brings you to almost a state of frustration for you have so much to give. you want to love now, for if you don't love. you feel a sort of emptiness that no adventure can fill. hold on tight, my dear, for your love is waiting for you, too.

if you were a character, how would the audience perceive you? by adhdeds
topic of argument

well you're a very complex character and you probably have at least one mental illness (or trauma ) which may just make you a little mean sometimes; rather it be accidental or not. this means that you have certain fans that absolutely adore you more than anything and constantly talk about how complex you are and you developed you become over the course of your story... while others, mostly locals have really no comprehension on your struggles and probably view you surface level which means their opinions aren't the nicest. don't worry though. people on stan twt probably argue with them constantly about how complex and realistic your character actually is.

what kind of ~feeling~ are you? by samwastaken
knowing a thunderstorm is about to start after a long day

your eyes are like lightning and sometimes it feels like people can't look at you because of it. you feel like you don't fit in, never /really/ fit in but you don't know how to not be yourself (that's a good thing). you probably havea grungy aesthetic going on. you are always the one that's forgotten in a group of friends, that's why you don't trust people with your true self very much, because you are afraid of being left behind again. you are always filled to the top with emotions that you hide unnaturally well. when you are angry nobody dares to come to close to you, they always stay a safe distance away and you keep them there. you are longing for someone to be brave enough to come closer though. but you are afraid of what will happen if they do. you wouldn't know what to do with someone who walks into your storm with a snmile and open arms. you are doing your best and one day it will get easier to be, believe me.

Are you safe, euclid, or keter but entirely based on the dumb shit i personally like by rariteas

"The designation "Keter" is assigned to subjects that both (a) display vigorous, active hostility to human life. civilization, and/or spacetime, and (b) are capable of causing significant destruction in the event of a containment breach" based on this very scientific quiz i have deduced that you are a danger to society

Are you a Soldier, a Poet, or a King ? by nour
The Soldier

"There will come a soldier Who carries a mighty sword He will tear your city down" Righteousness. Strength. Violence. You see a door and break through it. You wonder sometimes, if anger is the only thing you can feel Remember: love is passion too. You made your own rules and will follow them to death. You try and forget that there is only one rule, and that it is "FIGHT" You are tired of fighting. You try to forget that too, and keep going. You dream of quiet. Your love is where you heal. God knows you deserve to. (Really. You deserve to.)

what thing from fall 2019 are you by milfrights
moomin, the predatory wasp of the palisades, ophanim

you're hanging onto the coattails of summer with white knuckles, you dream of warm air sprinkled with fireflies. most of all you miss being able to press against your love, skin to skin, without the fear of getting cold. but you are filled with hope. you are forever young at heart with a mischievous mind, and you have this otherworldly thing about you. you don't need a grand life filled with all the world's wonders. all you ever want is a laugh in your chest, and someone's palm to your heart.

how are you ruined? by adventurefern
ruined by fury

you are angry. you are angry and everyone knows it. the fire within you will not die, cannot die. for if it dies, you wont have a reason to burn. your rage simmers close to your chest, it boils near something you wont touch. you are angry because it is easier than anything else. you are angry because you choose it over pain. you are ruined because you cannot feel anything but your own ire.

Answer some questions and I'll tell you which homoerotic rivalry you're in by weaverzee
The knight one

It's the final round of a great tourney, and you can't believe that you're about to admit this, but you're actually tiring out. Your opponent delivers a thrust that you barely parry, and the crowd murmurs in consternation. You can feel your lordship's eyes burning into your back. It would be a bad time to lose. Your opponent slashes, and your block brings the two of you in close, blades drawn, locked in a trial of strength. Your opponent tells you to give up now in a voice that's very husky and ominous and definitely not appealing. and you grit your teeth to tell them that you can go at it all day, and they laugh, and you tell them god DAMN it, you didn't mean it like that, and when they start to laugh again you sweep their leg and point your sword to their chest as they look up at you, surprised, from their back on the packed earth. The crowwd erupts as they yield, and you pull them to their feet. They remove their helmet, and their hair spills from it, looking WAY too incredible for hair that's been trapped under a sweaty helmet all day. They tell you, with a cocked brow and a low voice, that they won't go so easy on you next time the two of you are in the arena together, and you suddenly need something cold to drink.

to whom does your heart belong? by prozac
your heart belongs to the sun

you are a wildfire waiting to happen, one lit cigarette away from catastrophe. you are passion itself, full of rage and joy and love and pain. you are the driving force behind change, so why are you afraid of it? not all that is new will hurt you. let others into your life. you will not burn them. you do not cause harm inherently, you are wounded. you will heal. i promise you will heal.

What Is Your Final Act as a Villain? by missabyss
the hero refuses to kill you

you keeping screaming at them to kill you, but your hero just stands there weeping like some kind of fool. you grab onto their collar and scream, and you're probably spitting on them. how many times do you have to shake them for the sense to come flooding back? you both were so close to finally ending this a few minutes ago! now they're just crying and shaking their head and trying to hold your wrists. you're powerless! this is their chance! you collapse to your knees and sob.

who you would be in a fantasy society by benedictinehunk
the long-suffering knight

you're so unbelievably tired. someone said something to you the other day and you wanted to be laid to rest. you can't. your duty is for life and life is unending.

make a cake to find out what you are missing in life by tgtditr

the future looks bleak and empty, there are problems lying ahead that seem unsolvable. the weight of the world crushes all semblance of perspective sometimes... but remember you are not alone. you are not responsible for solving every issue in the world and you can let go sometimes without feeling guilty for not fighting every second of the day. hope is out there, in all shapes and sizes, trust me. tilting your face into the sun, seeing a friend after a long time, listening to your favourite song... those joys will not disappear while you are breathing, there will be music tomorrow, too!

let me psychoanalyze you but also be nice by bonejr
you let people hurt you

it's probably not something you started doing consciously. it's just how things have always been and it feels to late to change it. you've never been very good at sticking up for yourself and you've started to become accustomed to being hurt. you even like it a little, or, at least. you aren't sure you'd want to feel any other way. sometimes it's hard to remember that just because you've felt unloved before, it doesn't mean you're unloved now. I love you:-)

go through a nighttime routine and ill tell you what kind of villain you are by multifrisk
righteously evil

you've been hurt. what you're doing is wrong. there is no doubt. but it's what you need to do. you were not going to roll over and let it just happen. so you did what you had to. and you will continue doing what you had to. when you die, its with fury in your eyes. your opponent says you're stubborn, having kept this up for this long. you laugh, and spit in their face. you curse them until your very last breath.

What's your canon queer status? by cookiesandcas
Just in a homoerotic relationship with your best friend

So, there's nothing to suggest you're queer except your relationship with your best friend. Like, you know people don't act like that with their friends normally, right? Like there's a lot of tension there. Maybe talk about your feelings? That would probably help.

which of my favorite mychem songs are you? by haleyvall
our lady of sorrows

companionship is the core of your desire- someone to call home. to have complete and total trust and solidarity with someone would fill a hole within you bigger than you realize. if you already have this, congratulations! you're living everyone else's dream! i would tell you to cherish them very close to your heart, but i know you already do. if you have yet to find this, i promise you will one day. and it will be even more amazing and fulfilling than you've ever imagined. a person or people cannot fix all of your problems but they can make the pain a lot more bearable. it's a lot easier to fight god with someone at your side. hold out for what's to come. you will win your battles, and one day you'll have someone to celebrate your victories with.

what's your problem? by imsnazzy
deflecting with humour

how's the trauma going? do the jokes help? are you even funny? yes. you are. youre funny and youre kind, and youre deserving of all the love in the world. i know youll probably pretend you didn't see this because maybe it's too real, or maybe it's bullshit and you dont believe it, but, sweetheart, it's okay to ask for help. it's okay to 'expect' help from people that love you. you don't need to amuse them or make them laugh or make them feel happy to make yourself deserve to be heard. you already deserve it. you dont need to work for basic human respect. im sorry that people dont listen enough. sometimes, im sorry that you have to ask to be heard. but sweetheart. you. just you being yourself, is enough. no one gets the right to ask for anything more. youl find the people that listen if you haven't already, i know theyre there, ready to love you, and you wont ever need to prove that you deserve it.

Who's your Pokémon partner? [250 possibilities] by firstginger

Well, would you look at that! It seems a Croagunk wants to be your partner! Croagunk, also called the Toxic Mouth Pokémon, holds poison in his cheek sacs, though its poison touch is also a remedy for back pain. Like most poison and fighting Pokémon, Croagunk are drawn to people who are quick-minded and competitive, though they are also known to also be exceptionally proud and close-bonding Pokémon. They make the perfect partner for trainers who are unconventional and strong-willed, and love to take up a challenge and see things from every angle. My friend, this marks the beginning of your and Croagunk's journey together. Welcome to the world of Pokémon!

how does it feel to be loved by you? by reckless
it feels like a rom-com

okay, you're pretty cheesy. you love big romantic gestures, and dramatic confessions of love. but you also love the little moments, like going grocery shopping together. to put it simply, you love love. you have such a big heart, and it overflows with affection - not just romance, either. you make everyone you talk to feel loved. you're quite the optimist, and believing in true love and soulmates and forever. you're probably a little insecure, but i promise you are beautiful, inside and out, as cliche as that sounds. i hope you know that.

what color are you? by lesblep

and icarus said to aphrodite- so this is what i'm for. you have a distant awareness that the day you fall is the day you change. change is so very dificult, isn't it? watching everyone leave? you want the light so desperately, but you fear it. one day it will come for you. one day you will stop mourning the future and start mourning the present, and it will be peaceful

which android trope are you in the ai revolution? by moondrop
the machine

you understand what you have to do, what you are meant to. you never deviate from this line of thinking, and remain compliant. when the world is crashing down around you. you continue doing as they say, continue dying for them, over, and over. and maybe that isn't so bad. if you have noo opinions, you have no emotion, and you don't feel one way or the other. if you're surrounded by deactivated android parts or human corpses, its all the same to you. its just statistics, facts about your surroundings. having choices made for you is simpler. no one can really blame you.

i'll tell you when you get your soft, italicized, "Oh." by strikerflynnmr
the late-night talk

Oh. you figure it out when you realize just how vulnerable they are willing to be with you. it isn't everybody who could or would stay up talking into the night with you, not with such affection or easy familiarity. it isn't everybody who is so understanding of you. it isn't everybody who could bare their soul to you in return. that kind of intimacy...it means deep foundations. it means comfort. it means trust. maybe it's a secret, maybe it's a story, maybe it's something you just never thought of before -- but they say something, late at night, and you realize all at once how remarkable they are, and how special it is to exist in the same time and space as them. "oh" indeed.

what color character are you? by blueseakelp
red character

Red characters tend to be both quiet and observant as well as loud and dramatic. They are often brash and impulsive, and tend to act on instinct rather than planning ahead. They are quite self-sacrificing, often veering into self-destructive, and they push themselves to their limits trying to succeed. They tend to be stubborn, and it might take a lot to change their mind. They have a hard time expressing their feelings, and may come off as either emotionless, self-absorbed, or perpetually angry. They don't have a ton of friends, and when they do, it's often by circumstance rather than choice (although they grow to fiercely love their friends). They are not usually innately good at fitting into social situations, and can be awkward and out of place in them. They can come off as unhumorous because of how sincere and honest they tend to be, but tend to just have a dryer, sarcastic sense of humor. They do often think of others first, but their motivations for it might not be entirely selfless. They usually have a hard time conceivably lying, and are quite earnest without meaning to be.They put their full effort into what they do, and push themselves to improve at all costs. They get easily defensive., and feel like they have to prove themselves to earn anyone's respect. They have a strong sense of internal morality and high standards for themselves. They also hold others to their internal high standards, which can cause a lot of conflict if not worked out. They tend to have bad relationships with their parental figures, who were usually either absent or abusive, and contributed to their toxic view of themselves. At their core, red characters want to be loved and accepted, but have often been denied it, leading them to build up lots of defenses. Others need to be patient with them and give them a safe space to be thmselves as they open up and begin to flourish

pokemon type quiz by wrensquiz


could you fix him? by mousemilf666
you could make him worse

you are fucked up and evil and would encourage his Worst habits just for fun or maybe because you get off on it. please dont talk to him youre a bad influence...

i diagnose you with hot by memma
friend you have a weird rivalry with hot

you are always fighting to show you're better. always seeing who can run faster, talk louder, be stronger. you both whirl to face eachother after every test, showing off the bright red numbers at the top of the page. when you beat them by a couple points, the jokingly smug look on your face makes them huff and turn away, give you a friendly punch to the shoulder that might leave a bruise. when you lose 9o to their 96, the bitter spark of jealousy in the pit of your stomach reminds you to study harder. you'll best them next time. sometimes this rivalry gets messy though, and for some reason you both tend to crush on the same person, hurting eachother to compete for their affection. though you always end up forgetting the crushes, and making up. whats some random fling compared to your friendship anyway?

How would I write you as a book character? by arthao
The morally grey love interest that only ever opens up underneath the night sky

They did not linger. for they could not handle the weight of being known. But this once, they swallowed the lie down. This once, they faced the terrifying ordeal of being seen,. heard, understood and loved all at once." You have matched my typical love interest - troubled, running away and oh so intriguing. Perhaps in another story, you would have been the antagonist. In mine, you are the person I focus on the most, the soul that often pulls the strings.

what kind of a bastard are you? by smarmyanarchist
Edgy Bastard

brooding all the time, extremely cynical, 50% chance of being cool and 50% chance of being annoying. either way you've got some issues and you're about to make them everybody else's. if you get this Imk so i can follow you on social media bc i love drama

what kitchen are you? by mitskijaan
friendly, stereotypical kitchen

youre making pancakes for a friend, baking a cake in the middle of the night while trying to be quiet, laughing loudly at lunch, gently pushing someone away from the stove because you know they'll burn everything, eating as a production or an event with proper meals and easy conversation. you are surrounded by people, open and full of love despite what you think of yourself

which of my favorite fictional guy archetypes are you? by spageddy
rude gay middle schooler

there is a strong negative correlation between swag levels and respect for one's elders. examples: sasuke uchiha, teruki hanazawa, killua zoldyck

what is your fantasy love language? by sbubby
pouring through spell books

it is late. the library is empty. it's just you and them, surrounded by spell components and ancient dog-eared books. together you brush the dust off of ancient runes and smile, aware of the bags under your eyes, knowing you wouldn't rather do this with anyone else.

what hozier song represents how you love? by emilyyy13

Love to you is sacrifice. You are acutely aware of the heartache that comes with love, but it is well worth it to you. You gladly welcome the pain if it means having love for even a moment. You havea very "it's better to have loved and lost than to never have loved at all" vibe to your love. But this sacrifice love also equals devotion. There's something so powerful about loving someone so much that youre willing to accept the heartache; that your love together overweighs that. You also want to give when you are in love. Whether that be material items, sentimental things that you make yourself, or just more love back; you love to show someone love by giving and sharing what you have.

pick between some fictional characters and ill rate your taste by karmantics
you r mentally ill

seek therapy bestie o/j not bad taste tho. like if you mixed freak (affectionate) with pathetic little meow meows. sort of pathetic little freaks that desperately should go to therapy. proud of you

Who is your Godly Parent? (Percy Jackson) by NemoSupremo
Child of Athena

You are a "Brain Child" - in more ways than one. You're born from Athena's thoughts, and therefore are claimed as her child at birth - however you can also be very smart. Scary smart. You almost never forget anything you hear, and you crave knowledge and learning. Athena is often seen as Ares' female counterpart, and in that sense you also have the ability to pick up almost any weapon and use it with no prior knowledge. However, unlike him and his children, you tend to think and strategize. You prefer cunning over brute force.

walk through a homoerotic duel and i'll tell you how it would end by icarusimgay
you kiss in the original cut but the homophobic producers cut it

you give the most passionate speech after the most passionate duel and everyone can see the way you cant towards each other just before the scene fades away. they all know what happened. but alas that beauty never sees the face of day

what type of zoo enclosure should you be kept in by gutterbagel
touch tank

i feel like these are controversial but i actually don't know. anyway you've got a nice low sandy tank and people can reach in and touch you anytime they want. if you're about that then nice, lots of pets! if not you'll get really good at hiding. free access to bite anyone you want, too. they just reach right in there and then you get to be on the news. can also make an argument this teaches "valuable lessons" like conservation or that wild animals are safe to pet.

Which of the 7 are you? by charlieb
Annabeth Chase

you are the subject of many a pondering. you are now an honorary member of the grey eyes club.

which undertale song are you by okemmelie
bird that carries you over a disproportionately small gap

burnout gifted kid energy. you had so much potential but now it’s all kind of whatever, huh. at least you’re funny

Muppet Kin Assigner Revamped by noramci

You're chaotic and kind. You get swept up in a whirlwind of your own creation sometimes, and you need your friends to help pull your back down to earth. You're one-of-a-kind, and that makes you the best *you* there is.

What Lord Huron album are you? by foolofatook001
Strange Trails

A wanderer, wandering. You are fae-wild and reckless, throwing yourself into adventure with abandon, making strange friends and no small number of enemies. Your time in the woods and with the things in it has taught you the error of your ways. You fall in love fast and hard, and one of these days it's going to get you hurt. There will always be that little bit of darkness left in you. They will build you no shrines and sing you no songs. Song recommendations from this album: Meet Me in the Woods, Fool for Love, Way Out There, Cursed

What kind of Guy are you? by bigbulbasuar
"i can fix him"

what gaslighting techniques are we using today, king

answer some questions and i'll give you a character arc by loraxio
redemption arc

your story had a pretty rough start and you did some things you're not proud of, but you made the choice to change. i won't go through how important it is to accept responsibility and keep striving to improve or whatever because you know that already. what i think you should know is that your fuel does not need to be shame. you don’t need to stand over the bathroom sink with your blood in your hands until you can no longer make out your reflection. you will look at your face and you will see the person you used to be, but that person no longer exists. today, you are looking, and that makes all the difference.

what kind of wizard are you (not harold potter) by shvkespearc
Evil Wizard

Okay, evil wizard, how's that going for you? Your mortal nemesis is a powerful sorcerer, and you'll do anything to foil their plans. Even if their plans are just buying a breakfast burrito. You just cannot STAND that shit. Which, honestly, is a little gay if you ask me. Sometimes it gets lonely in your evil tower, crafting your evil plans alone. But on the plus side, you suffer less harrowing social interactions than the average wizard, and you have some very cool outfits. Probably a fan of leather pants. | Song: I Wanna Be Adored by King Woman

put together ur mall outfit and ill assign you a gender by sheepwizard
bowling alley

you ARE the late 80s/early 90s. i love that for you

what is your inner stuffed toy? by valendyke
classic teddy

you were born to be a good friend. you are an incredibly loyal, thoughtful, reliable person, and others feel totally at ease around your stability and kind nature. you know exactly how to be a healer and a shoulder to cry on and are the most dependable person in the world when it really comes down to you. you should be proud to be who you are.

try to find your way out of my wizard maze by wizardsanimal
you have chosen to remain within the maze by choice

you enjoyed your time within the maze so much that you chose to stay behind within the comfort of its looming walls and winding passageways. you have chosen life with the wizards, and they have, for the most part, accepted your presence within its hedges. you have formed a loose bond with a number of them who bring you shiny objects and mirror gazing balls and occasionally objects you cannot describe. your life begins anew within the maze.

which enstars unit do you belong in by evieeve

theres something so wrong with you how do you even get eden

What emotion do you create from? by traumacure

You create from love. It is an overflowing love that seeps out of your heart and into all you create. You couldn't possibly contain it inside yourself, and so you dedicate yourself to depicting it through everything you make. Your art is a celebration of what you cherish most, a loving tribute to everything that captivates you. There are things too wonderful to be appreciated in silence, and so you sing of your love time and time again. You are determined not to let your vast love go unnoticed or forgotten. That's why your work is a declaration of affection, an expression of fondness for everything that makes your life worth living.

What's your HATE language by starwoodsbot
Acts of disservice

Your favourite way to communicate your hate to that very unspecial someone is by fucking around and finding out --- at their expense! Whatever it is that they most certainly do not need or even want, you make sure to do just to inconvenience them. Remember not to burn yourself out causing trouble for somebody --- there are more efficient ways to make someone miserable! This hate language is most frequently practiced by students with a substitute teacher, the two main characters of most old comedy cartoons, and pets who are mad at you for not paying attention to them.

What kind of immortal are you? by kostektyw
trash vampire

you're doing nothing worthwhile with your existence, you have no money and no standards, every once in a while something tries to kill you and it's whatever. Yeah, it's great and youre so valid <3

the Best enstars kin assignment (lie) by mellaaayyyyyy
kohaku oukawa

In the words of tint " you feel that if you dirty yourself you can help the people around you, your understanding of the world is a little skewed due to dependence on the internet or being sheltered" in the words of ME.. i love you guys I hope you find all the happiness and love u deserve .. go eat a strawberry cake or something...

what would be your job at the vampire mansion by neptunesorcery
lawn mower at the vampire mansion

the boss told you to keep quiet on sunday mornings

What Pokémon Type would you specialise in? by Voidroonil
Dragon Type

Often regarded as the strongest Type in terms of raw power, not just anyone can become a Dragon master. It takes resilience, resolve, and respect for those both stronger AND weaker than you. You can be a little stubborn and stuck in your ways, but sometimes that helps you avoid distraction from the more superficial things in life. You're patient (you have to be when raising a Pokémon that won't be fully evolved until level 50), unyielding, and you have a will that couldn't be budged by a draco meteor!

what does your blood taste like? by pondering
salsa roja

your blood tastes like salsa roja, a hot sauce made primarily from tomatoes and chili. prominent flavors: fiery garlic (ouch!) and piquant cilantro.

what type of zoo enclosure should you be kept in by gutterbagel
open sea exhibit

really big tank with 360 views. you can coexist just fine with other species - in fact you actually do better with them. the occasional diver or mermaid show is also welcome enrichment. lots of space to move around in and if you get bored you can probably eat one or two other inhabitants (i genuinely don't know what the staff do if that happens but it has to, right?). when you're feeling up to the crowds you can get real close to the glass and they'll go fucking bananas but if you just want some me time you can stay close to the middle where no one can tap you. this is the life.

who were you in a past life? by valendyke
victorian orphaned newspaper boy

oi what's all this then? me family's dead innit!! buy me newspaper!!! you exude mischievous energy. king of pickpocketing. king of acab. you were a scoundrel and a survivor. in this life, you are possibly the funniest member of your friend group or any friend group for that matter, but you're also probably very short. sorry guvna!

What are you the god of? by Listo
map based video games

I simply don't understand you, its best i confess that first. I've tried them all; europa, civ, stellaris, crusader kings you name it. but im sorry i don't know if im too autistic for you or you for me but like ships in the night we will never meet. you're these shockingly incomprehesibly detailed simulacrum. you're an exploration of what was and what could have been. you're a place for creative expression and personal agendas.you are so utterly intriguing and yet unintelligible to the average person

What flavor of autism are you? by Mars666
Weirdo Autism

You are a child. You sit funny. You talk funny. People have said you’re a little different your whole life. Nobody will diagnosis you.

what is your duality? by starredforlife
god-hungry scientist and their abominable child

you stitched something together inside of yourself and gave it life with light from the sky and now it won't die it and you can't kill it because part of you loves it and you're not quite right in the head or the person you used to be but at the end of the day it's simply a beast of sadness. you crave the mercy you didn't get from your creators and so i'm telling you please forgive yourself. please hold the monster by the hand.

which hot monster are you going to hook up with tonight? by starredforlife

an absolute classic. you want your neck bitten and sucked off immediately, but you also want to swallow back your unbridled horniness to waltz in a ballroom, trying to catch the glint of your partner's fangs and trading witty, subdued flirtations. it's a game, and a very rewarding one at that.

take this quiz & we'll assign u an anime hair type & gender by cw10454
red hair anime woman

how does it feel to be god's favorite,,, you absolutely cannot be beaten. even when you are, you somehow find a way to at least scrap your way out of it, if not totally turn the tables. you're determined to be the best, and you are--simple. you're also kind of batshit and everyone is terrified of you, but you are beloved by lesbians <3

which undertale song are you by okemmelie
its raining somewhere else

you feel like the older sibling friend

which critical role player character are you by lukesbian

hey hey slow your roll there cowboy because you're getting a little bit edgy! you're percy. you're probably a little bothered that i didn't write out his whole name. you had a really, really bad mcr phase that probably hasn't ended yet. don't get me wrong, your aesthetic goes hard, but make sure you're not clinging to those my immortal vibes as a way to avoid actually undertaking the terrifying task of trying to be happy.

What kind of cannibalism are you? by Bowelm0vement
funerary cannibalism

the eating of the dead as a process of grieving and honoring your loved ones. you are very emotionally mature. you probably have experienced a lot of pain, but you are now in a better place. you are very mindful, maybe you used to have an eating disorder or substance abuse issues. now you drink green juice and do pilates. you journal too probably.

Why did you fall? by moonself
falling in love

Did you know that, in Genesis 6:2, there is a description of a great number of angels who fell in love with humans, then fell out of Heaven? Well, in all likelihood, you did. Whether your true love was a mortal, a demon, or even another angel, but the "wrong kind" of angel, your love was likewise deemed a revolting sin. It mattered not that wrapping your pinkie with theirs made you feel just as holy as prayer did. It matters not that it was mutual; not an undesired affection on the other's part. But still, the fact that you felt these feelings at all was enough to damn you. On the bright side: demons can be with whomever they please! And it's not as if you need Heaven to feel as if you are a beloved divine any longer.

go through a nighttime routine and ill tell you what kind of villain you are by multifrisk
chaotically evil

you do what you want, when you want, and without regard for the law. you keep yourself out of jail by keeping everyone around you off-balance. no one knows what you want, truly, or what you plan to do with all this power you've accumulated. your crimes range from "harmless" pranks to murder. anything for a good laugh, huh? you refuse to let anyone kill you, so you plan out your own disappearance. its a great spectacle - tickets are $10 dollars per person. some people speculate that you've died, but most know the truth. they all saw you escape through the back door.

which laika's comet character are you? by fourleaf

you're the careful type, aren't you? you pick your words and deliver them gently, and in many ways its out of kindness. on a walk in the woods, you go out of your way not to step on the sprouts in the undergrowth, and stick the the trodden path. one has to wonder though, is it simply your nature to be careful, or are you afraid of what happens if you aren't? when you pause before you speak, are you running over the possibilities in your head like options in a choose your own adventure game? for you, the outcome is always tied to the input you provide. you're always going to shoulder the responsibility, and believe things could've gone differently if you had only picked a different action. ... with such a cautious way of living, what room is left for your own feelings? if i had any advice for you, i'd say to live a little more freely. bad things happen, and it's not always your fault when they do. sometimes the people around us make decisions that hurt us, but you aren't always the deciding factor in the choices they make. don't forget - it's good to be kind, but that includes being kind to yourself, too. sometimes, the kindest thing you can do for others is to be genuine about your feelings rather than to silence them, and let them act in response. that way, you won't spend so much time looking back and wondering what could've gone differently.

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