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You've Opened Up A
Mysterious Diary

Gonna do a sort of "blog" here to record interesting things I find or keep a sort of diary of my life, it's not gonna be daily at all but I think it's a neat thing to try and do. The tone of these entries will vary wildly.

useful find


Back when I was taking pictures of all my Pokemon plushies, I needed to resize all my images to a smaller size so that they wouldn't take up too much space or take ages to load on my website, and I was a little frustrated that you couldn't just resize a bunch of pictures at once on your computer at once. So obviously I went to look for a program or plugin that Could do that. And I found Microsoft PowerToys. First off, I wanna say, it's insane that they could call this a toy. This is a set of tools that have helped me in so many ways as someone who does school and work mostly through my computer. It has stuff for resizing and renaming lots of images at once, a function to pin a window to the top of all other windows, a color picker, it lets you add custom keyboard shortcuts, and many other functions. I use them all regularly now, and it's made my experience on my computer much better. I really hope in the future these tools get implemented as base functions for all operating systems.

game day with my mom


Today I took my mom to see the Padres game for mothers day. She is a big fan of baseball and has been ever since she was little. She became a fan of the Padres when I started playing baseball at age 9 and has been following them ever since. It was a very tense game, the Padres were losing basically the whole time until literally the bottom of the 9th inning where they scored a triple home run and won the game. It was insane, my mom yelled so much that she lost her voice almost immediately. I think she had a lot of fun, I did too. Happy mothers day to those who celebrate today. I still got one more to go since Mexican mothers day is on tuesday. My mom is so lucky she gets two mothers days.

up since midnight


Not a super interesting blog entry, just need to complain. I wish I knew why I'm unable to sleep through the night when I go to bed early, when I go to bed later than 12 I could sleep for 10 hours no problem, but if I fall asleep at 8 or 9 I always wake up within 3 or 4 hours. It sucks cause no matter what I only end up getting maximum 6 hours of sleep since I have school in the morning. It's not even like I wake up rested either, I just wake up and I'm still tired but I can't fall asleep again. It's frustrating. Sleep should either be easier or optional honestly.

working up the courage


I really want to finish putting together my collection catalogue, but I am honestly a little afraid to start with the other sections. I have a lot of stuff and I would need to take it all out and take pictures of it and put it back, which I really do need to do so I can clean up a bit but I also am afraid I'll leave it halfway through if it gets to be too much. I know I really should just start it, I am definitely not gonna leave it halfway cause I really wanna do this, but it's still a fear. I think if I have time tonight I will try and start on it, hopefully I can find a place with good lighting in my house to take pics since I won't have sunlight. I think that's another thing that's keeping me from starting, I'm busy literally all day because of school and work :(
But I'm gonna do it anyway, I don't have a lot of homework right now so it's a good opportunity to get through some of it.

i've turned to the dark side (long ramble)


[Warning for weight/dieting talk] Saw a tweet screenshot the other day that said "it's very sick how exercise really does help your mental health i really wanted y'all to be lying sooooo bad" and it really resonated with me. I spent a lot of time hating the concept of exercise, it felt like a mountain to high to climb for me (someone with chronic pain). It wasn't even like I didn't try to exercise before, I just always lost the motivation too quickly to see any effects. In fact I honestly think that I never would've started doing it if I hadn't already recovered from most of my mental problems. But regardless, it's a funny tweet, and I relate somewhat.

tweet by mx.independent (they/them)@lesbianoir

[Little more serious] I wanted to talk a bit about my decision to start exercising. As of now, I've been walking (mostly) every day for over two months. It didn't start with that though. My motivation to start doing this began with something else. The past few years have been hard on me, and I won't specify why (everyone should know at least some of why anyway), but I will specify what I was doing to cope: drinking a lot of Dr Pepper.

It's definitely not the worst thing I could've been doing, but it was ruining my life all the same. I was drinking upwards of four cans of Dr Pepper a day. For reference: a 12 pack of Dr Pepper costs around $6 here (on a good day), in one month (30 days) I was drinking $60 of Dr Pepper, $720 a year, just for Dr Pepper. Money aside, Dr Pepper has three things that were negatively impacting my life in a big way: Sugar, Caffeine, Carbonation.

Sugar is obvious, I am fat, I'm clinically obese, I don't look like I am, people are always surprised, but I am unhealthily overweight, it makes daily life painful because it hurts to put weight on my feet. Caffeine added to this issue, as I was never getting enough sleep, and I kept needing more to stay awake. Finally, carbonation was another issue, this combined with my lack of sleep and my obesity led to the worst case of chronic acid reflux I have ever experienced in my life. This happened all through the holidays, January, and finals week (around when I made my last blog entry) and it was Ruining me. I was spending days awake because it Hurt to lie down, I had an awful cough which is embarrassing to have during a pandemic even if you know you don't have the virus, and everything I ate or drank tasted like stomach acid. Except of course, Dr Pepper. Which led back to the problem.

During final's week of hell, I finally decided, once my exams were over, I'd stop drinking Dr Pepper. Not just that, I'd stop drinking all soda, I'd stop drinking anything with carbonation, I'd stop drinking caffeine, and I'd limit the amount of sugary drinks I had. And on January 29th, I did exactly that.

It. wasn't as bad as I thought it would be.

I had migraines every day and I couldn't stay awake very well. But the motivation was strong. I didn't give in. I think I partially have Pokemon to thank for it, because I got to have fun playing that. But also I did time it perfectly, I was on break from school, so I didn't have to deal with as many responsibilities, I had told my family that I would be doing this, so they were understanding for the most part when I was cranky. And on top of that, I got my mom to agree to go on a walk with me every day. It's actually insane how counterintuitive the whole exercise thing is, once you do it every day for about a week, it starts Giving you energy instead of using it. Who would've thought? I made it part of my daily routine, and I try not to break it for any reason. Even when I get lazy, my mom and I keep each other accountable.

After a couple weeks of this, my acid reflux stopped completely. I was finally able to drink water again (couldn't before because it tasted like my stomach acid), and I am now a full blown water drinker and I love water. I won't say numbers cause honestly I haven't checked (and don't care to) but I've definitely lost weight, I've thinned out a bit and started gaining muscle in my legs (the area around my house is all hills which also wasn't great for Starting exercise but it sure is good for building leg muscle), and I also started lifting weights to gain muscle in my upper body (I'm So strong now, it's awesome).

I'm honestly really proud of myself, and I hope I can keep up this routine for the rest of my life. It took a lot of work, and honestly a lot of luck and manipulation of factors to ensure that the time was right for me to do this. But it was worth it, I genuinely haven't felt better in years.

starting the year [Late]


It's been some time since I updated this blog! The holidays were busy and so was January, my school is weird so I had finals this month, but that's finally done! Also Pokemon Legends Arceus came out! It's honestly the best Pokemon game I've played in a while. I always have fun playing Pokemon, but even I can admit that I've needed something different for a while now, and this is perfect. That said, I haven't played much since it came out, I had gotten a pirated copy a week before and I didnt finish it but it definitely convinced me that I was making a good decision in buying it. Since the day it came out was my last day of school though, I've had to catch up on some cleaning I had been putting off. My brother built a computer for himself and got a monitor from his friend for his birthday, so I got to have his old monitor as my second monitor, my previous monitor was an old TV that I just hooked up to my laptop, so I'm grateful that I have an actual monitor now. But it did mean I had to move a lot of stuff around since the new monitor is Very Big. I'm hoping I can get the cleaning done in the next couple of days so I can go back to focusing on PLA.

30 of them


Today I went to the zoo to catch Pokemon for Shinx community day. My dad works there so I got a free ticket. The zoo opens before 11 so I had some time to walk and take pictures of Pokemon with the animals. It was really nice, in the end I got 29 shiny Shinx, one which had high enough stats for me to evolve into a Luxray in Pokemon GO. And at the very end, as I was leaving the park, I hatched a shiny Skarmory. Very good day overall.

Luxray and Shinx shinies in Pokemon Storage AR shiny Skarmory in front of lion statue

love this animal, the bogeyman


Today is the release date of Pokemon BDSP, I had ordered the double pack online from costco and it got here almost at noon. Been playing ever since. I started the game at the same time as my crush, and he usually has a naming theme for his Pokemon (his theme is bird species), so I'm naming my Pokemon based on the meme that the title of this entry is based on. So far I'm at Valley Windworks and my team is Squit the Prinplup, Shimp the Luxio, and Shart the Budew.

Meme: love this animal, the squit (squid) Meme: love this animal, the shimp (shrimp) Meme: love this animal, the shart (shark)

biohazard video games


I'm getting to the end of midterm week(s) and I finally started on my project for mobile video game programming. The game has to use a joystick and needs to be in 3D, the professor is probably expecting a first person shooter type game. Unfortunately I get nauseated played FPS games so I will not be doing that.
In the game you are an alien piloting a UFO in a training simulation for an alien invasion. You need to make sure you don't starve while destroying as many humans as possible. You have three actions: Eat cow, Kill Human, Turn thing into slime. Eating keeps you from starving, killing gets you a kill point and also you can eat the human flesh, and turning things into slime makes a slime that can trap humans or cows and keep them from moving too much.
I know it's weird. I think that's gonna be my brand, biohazardous games.

Killer UFO game title screen Killer UFO gameplay

birds and candles


My abuelita (dad's mom) died last year on my birthday, soon after that a bird started frequently visiting my house and trying to get in through the window. We all know it's her. She left for a while but has been coming back recently again. My cousin (mom's cousin's daughter) who recently had a sister die, is on the phone with my mom telling her to look for angel numbers, because the bird being back could mean she's trying to tell us something. I will be looking out for the message, and I'll also light a candle to let her know we're doing alright. It is Dia de Los Muertos right now so this is the right time to do this.
Candle GIF

the pikachu project


I saw a post on Tumblr advertising a search engine that prioritizes websites that don't use modern web design. So I opened it up and searched "Pikachu." A few entries down I found a fanfic styled as a blair witch project x pokeani crossover (found footage horror type thing) and gave it a read, honestly it was pretty funny. My favorite part was this:

screencap of fanfic
Full text: (The camera bounces frantically, as if he were running through the woods, parting bushes and looking in clumps of grass).
JAMES: It's NO USE! He's GONE! The Phantom Pikachu got him! It's gonna get us all, one by one! WE'RE NEVER GONNA GET OUT OF THIS FOREST ALIVE!!! I'M ALL OUT OF HAIR DYE AND MOISTURIZER AND I'M GONNA DIE UGLY!!!
(He starts to cry hysterically, then a shadow falls across his path. The camera jerks abruptly and a shriek is heard.)

I really love silly fanfics like this, hopefully I'll find more like it in the future.