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XR and Ben Banner

I've seen a lot of people have collections of graphics and stuff like that, and since I had a bunch of stamps saved I figured I might as well make one too. I'll probably be adding to this frequently, also maybe making some of my own!

I try to link to where I got the graphic from or a source if I know it, but some might not have a source because I don't know/remember it. If you use any of the ones that link to my homepage, please credit me. If you know the source of any that don't link anywhere, let me know so I can add it!

Mine (Feel free to have these on your site but please link to me)

Transgender Flag Button Nonbinary Flag Button Asexual Flag Button Bisexual Flag Button
capybara mage tv head oc tivi
Pixel Icons
arrow up arrow right arrow down arrow left arrow up arrow right arrow down arrow left exclamation_point question_mark check cross no_entry warning image bookmark tag sliders menu_bars menu_list menu_grid4 menu_grid9 toggle_on toggle_off external_link flag flag_checkered flag_triangle clock counterclockwise sound sound_off microphone microphone_off play pause stop eject toggleplaypause fastbackward fastforward skipbackward skipforward shuffle repeat music_note music_notes joystick tv gear pointer hand thumb_up thumb_down thought_bubble msg_alert msg_question msg_text mail address_book pencil book_open book_closed notepad sticky_note scroll pc laptop pc_window wifi signal_bars cursor folder phone trash battery battery_empty floppy_disk smiley person friends share copy clipboard scissors magnifying_glass zoom_plus zoom_minus bell pill bandaid hourglass palette camera gift lightbulb target map map_pin compass skull bone paw mushroom heart star sparkles droplet fire cloud raincloud umbrella bow gem coin key lock lockopen medal trophy house rocket ufo moon car card_clubs card_spades card_diamonds card_hearts shield sword sword2 crossed_swords ladder pickaxe hammer wrench shovel cube minus plus times divide equals not_equals


Submas Button NFT Bonk Button Best View On A Computer Button
Hello Kitty Button Kuromi Virus Button Graphic Design Is My Passion Button
Portal Button 1
Queercoded Button Ban Time Travel Now Button Right To Repair Button
Pokemon Button kris where tf are we Button Homestuck Button
Portal Button 2
Encounter an Alien Button Delete Tiktok Button Free Palestine Button


sans kin stamp poke-kin stamp angel kin stamp i wish i lived in minecraft stamp hell street sign stamp mothman is gay stamp nonbinary and proud stamp originalshipping stamp miku leek stamp little policeman sgt frog stamp baby giroro stamp kururu i press stamp undertale papyrus puzzle fail stamp pokemon trainer stamp message autocorrect im fine/gay stamp eichi stamp hiyori stamp 1 hiyori stamp 2 ibara stamp jun stamp 1 jun stamp 2 jun stamp 3 mika stamp 1 mika stamp 2 nagisa stamp 1 nagisa stamp 2 nagisa stamp 3 tsumugi stamp wataru stamp 1 wataru stamp 2 all my ocs are gay stamp i collect plushies stamp cardcaptor sakura stamp mika tsumiki stamp moon stamp gay stamp kirigiri kyouko stamp momo stamp ayano stamp ene stamp ene laugh stamp trans futaba stamp kris heart stamp hanako stamp i love akira stamp togami tea stamp fox pokemon stamp pmd stamp go in the dark stamp keroro stamp giroro stamp kururu stamp tamama stamp dororo stamp tororo stamp garuru stamp


angel kitty angel lover hello kitty i gaze at the stars moonbeams and stardust transrights wizard let me look into my orb spellcasting they used to beat the shit out of me on clump penguin im so fucking normal right now tbh creature im so fucking normal right now orz free palestine

blood aspect breath aspect doom aspect heart aspect hope aspect life aspect light aspect mind aspect rage aspect space aspect time aspect void aspect

i've come to make an announcement shadow the hedgehog is a bitch ass mother fucker he pissed on my fucking wife that's right he took his hedgehog fuckin quilly dick out, and he he pissed on my fucking wife and he said his dick was this big and i said that's disgusting so i'm making a callout post on my shadow the hedgehog you got a small dick it's the size of this walnut except way smaller and guess what here's what my dong looks like
sonic 06 eggman space laser


blue angel pikachu mail pink angel
blocked pokemon stadium 2 caught pokemon stadium 2 snatched pokemon stadium 2
thechampionps2 pokemon stadium 2
purple robot green robot lovecore robot yellow robot gray robot with heart big copper robot round blue robot gray robot blue robot
purple green fish aquarium brown green blue fish aquarium yellow seahorse and orange fish aquarium orange goldfish aquarium two tetras aquarium
blue red fish aquarium dark pink blue purple bettas aquarium orca aquarium blue brown fish aquarium
blue purple betta tank light blue brown betta tank greyish purple brown betta tank mint betta tank
mint betta tank
pixel rain star and heart dangler
irridescent pink camera spinning hand spinning a sausage
trans flag click here to win a ps2 lesbian flag click here to win a ps2 bi flag register for free cd-rom nonbinary flag win big bass pro shop ace flag click for big rat here
shiny ace flag shiny aro flag shiny aroace flag shiny bi flag shiny nonbinary flag shiny genderqueer flag shiny lesbian flag shiny mlm flag shiny pan flag shiny poly flag

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